Love Letters

I asked my students to write me a letter, before we say good bye, ah guys i’m gonna miss you all, a lot. 😥

(Hi)story Telling

Yeach, this was started from the competition of story telling at Smart Ekselensia. The theme of the competition wasIndonesia’s Heroes. The contestants had to upload the videos to youtube to be adjudicated by the judges. Then, the lucky ones will be invited as the finalists.

I directed two of my students, Bia and Ofi. We prepared it in just two days. A bit late from the deadline stated by the committee, but Alhamdulillah they still accepted our works.

I think this kind of story telling is brilliant to integrate the lessons of History and English. Here are the videos of Soedirman and Dewi Sartika (hi)Story Telling



35 Days Lesson Plan Challenge

New project again pemirsa?! Hahaha…. again? iya again, gara-garanya saya lihat cd pembelajaran di sekolah, saya jadi keingetan lagi sama project a lesson plan a day. Kali ini saya akan menggalakkan projek itu lagi, walaupun projek yang dulu bener-bener jauh panggang dari api. 😛

Now, i will just make it in 35 days. Started from tomorrow, if i don’t publish it once i will treat my self a chocolate or “es buah”. hahaha….

I also dream of making an English Learning Tutorial stuffs. Let’s see, bismillah.

[Lesson Plan] Teaching Expressions of Showing Anger

Let’s say this as sudden Lesson Plan. Yeach, i got it right before i stepped into my class, what a bad new teacher. Actually, teaching anger expression is a bit hard for me, i mean in getting the idea, i had no idea what kind of moral value i could teach my students about hoe to express our anger. Whatever then, sometimes anger is good to show people how to behave, haha, innama a’malu binniat.
Here is the procedure:

  1. Say hi lalala with annoying face, let’s say angry face.
  2. Pretend that you’re angry, maybe because a student is late or the students seem not ready yet. Start modelling how to show anger in english: “Are you trying to make me angry? Get ready to study! I’ve never been this angry in my life, you’re getting me angry”
  3. If the students going red, don’t understand why you get angry, you can start similing. Asking the students what just happened?
  4. Brainstorm “What Makes You Angry Often”
  5. List the things could make them angry.
  6. Read aloud the expressions, prounouncing,
    then ask the students to practice in pair, showing their anger by the expressions. For example, Lala wrote on the whiteboard “When I’m hungry”, then she could say to her partner “Oh hell, I’m hungry”.
  7. Ask the students to keep practicing by some other situations in some minutes.
  8. After practicing the expressions to show anger, ask them what usually could calm them down. Some students will happily tell the class the things can calm their anger down.
  9. Show them the expressions to calm someone’s anger down.
  10. Practice again.
  11. Assesment (written): Make a table which consists of 4 columns:10 things make you angry, the expression, 10 things calm you down, the expression.

Feel free to improve or even advise something to me :). Hope it can help you all, extraordinary English Teachers
Bunda Lingga.

Essay Exam for Eleventh Grader.

I love giving essay exam to my students, because reading their answers are entertaining. Here one of my essay test. The material are Narrative, Hortatory Exposition, Anger, & Annoyance. Hope you enjoy… #eh 😛

  1. Do you know the folktale of Malin Kundang? Remember the ending when he changed into stone? write it!
  2. Cheating is a bad habit that is hardly found in this school. How about many students outside? Any recommendation for them to avoid this habit?
  3. Your teacher doesn’t let you out to take  drink. You’re actually annoyed, then you tell your friend what you feel. How will you express your annoyance? Write in a dialogue between you and your friend.
  4. Remember Bryce Loski and Julie Baker? Write the dialogue between Bryce and Julie when Julie got angry because Bryce just threw her eggs away.
  5. “You don’t have to be afraid to put your dreams in action….” What song is that lyric? Aha! Share me any dreams of you that already in action!
  6. If you were a millionaire, what would you spend your money for?
  7. How embarrassing it would be? If you fell in front of a boy/girl? Can you imagine your face going red? Tell me just like it really happened to you!
  8. Sorry if I ever hurt you. Do you remember any moment me hurt you very much? Just write it as long as you want 🙂

I gave this essay at the end of the semester (I think). In that semester we had movie class, watching the movie of Flipped, and some music classes, one of them is Make It Shine (Victoria Justice), then i include them to the test.